Committee of Management

The Committee of Management meet on a regular basis to implement a governance structure to effectively manage the Neighbourhood House, daily operations.

Chair: Jenny Speed

Secretary: vacant

Treasurer: Therese Wilby

General Members:  Melissa Hutchinson, Rebecca Taylor and Tim Courtney.


Committee Members

The position of ordinary committee member is taken on by a person who is prepared to make a serious commitment to participate actively in committee work in a voluntary capacity and is an integral part of the working committee of any organisation.

Roles and responsibilities

  • regularly attend committee and general meetings
  • volunteer for and willingly accept assignments and complete them diligently and on time
  • stays informed about committee matters, prepares well for committee meetings and reviews and comments on minutes and reports
  • gets to know other committee members and builds a working relationship that contributes to consensus
  • actively participate in the committee’s evaluation and planning process
  • participate in fundraising activities